Designer Jewelry Disclaimer

Wouldn't you like to own something no one else can have
no matter how they tried?

There are only two kinds of accessories here.
Trinxx range is handmade, unique and truly
the only one ever made in the world.

Beads range contains very limited pieces,
inspired and designed with utmost care.

Chances of bumping into someone with the exact
same piece is close to zero and we'd like to
keep it that way.

We like to keep things special for you.

Ringlets of Gold Designer Jewelry

Would you believe it if I told you I thought about this one while having SuperRings? Yes, those nice yummy crunchy junkfood packed with MSG, piled with colouring and chemical cheese. What a mouthful of satisfaction! Of course the Trinxx version of SuperRings is a lot more refined but just as delectable while hanging off a pretty neck.
NECKLACE - Fitting around the neck.
Gold painted clay Trinxx, decked with clear crystal beads, silver bells, bound together by silver metal chain and metal clasp.

Name: Ringlets of Gold
Code: N0067
Price: USD30 / RM88
One piece only

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