Designer Jewelry Disclaimer

Wouldn't you like to own something no one else can have
no matter how they tried?

There are only two kinds of accessories here.
Trinxx range is handmade, unique and truly
the only one ever made in the world.

Beads range contains very limited pieces,
inspired and designed with utmost care.

Chances of bumping into someone with the exact
same piece is close to zero and we'd like to
keep it that way.

We like to keep things special for you.

Eco Elf Earrings

If this looks anything like elf ears to you, agree with me and comment below. I just might be wrong :)EARRINGS
Green and translucent clay Trinxx with silver leaf, metal chain on earring hooks.

Name: Eco Elf Earrings

Click here to order
Only one piece made

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