Designer Jewelry Disclaimer

Wouldn't you like to own something no one else can have
no matter how they tried?

There are only two kinds of accessories here.
Trinxx range is handmade, unique and truly
the only one ever made in the world.

Beads range contains very limited pieces,
inspired and designed with utmost care.

Chances of bumping into someone with the exact
same piece is close to zero and we'd like to
keep it that way.

We like to keep things special for you.

After the long silence...

I haven't been updating this site but I am not entirely to blame.

Life is…

When Life gets in the way of passion, it's hard to find that balance. I've been a busy bee but have totally neglected Trinxx while doing the daily grind.

But not for long…

Because Trinxx is finally going to get its OWN work space!


I am so excited I want to share my joy because you all have been so entirely supportive about Trinxx from the very start.

Finally a place I can work in peace. An entire room just for me and my Trinxx. No tiny corner of a tiny table. No more working out of a box or misplacing my equipments. No more losing my mojo just because I need to clear things out to make room for guests.

And thanks to my adorably supportive fiance who has told me to butt out and let him organize my entire workspace, I am no longer disorganized and chaotic as before (or at least for the first few months until I get my paws all over the place).

Right now, with our business stabilizing…in business I mean the real world real job that I have outside the creative artistic realm I prefer to dwell in, I am starting to get sudden spurts of Trinxxie inspirations.

While my partner and I run Ceasar Paper Stone with roadshows and on-ground marketing for our clients, at the same time, I find myself daydreaming about colours and textures and dangling things off necks and ear loops.

So I've got a lot of things up my sleeve and I can't wait to get the clay rolling.

Watch out for this space because I'm going to be hyperactive here…

Psssk…there might even be plans for a proper website but what do you guys think about that?


  1. The OCD fiance will do an excellent good job with organising! Looking forward to seeing more new stuff ;)

  2. Can't wait for your new designs! xoxo...


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