Designer Jewelry Disclaimer

Wouldn't you like to own something no one else can have
no matter how they tried?

There are only two kinds of accessories here.
Trinxx range is handmade, unique and truly
the only one ever made in the world.

Beads range contains very limited pieces,
inspired and designed with utmost care.

Chances of bumping into someone with the exact
same piece is close to zero and we'd like to
keep it that way.

We like to keep things special for you.

Colla Beadz Bracelet

This hand assembled bracelet is fashioned with Green Aventurine tumbled stones believed to attract lady luck to the wearer. If you know someone who is stuck in a dead end job, or in the creative line, or someone who has lost their direction, green aventurine may help clear the energy blockages within. This will open their eyes to other options, bring boldness so they feel confident and inspired. This is also a stone for friendships.  Add that with gorgeous deep green Chrysocolla and you get the feeling of calmness, tranquility and level headedness. Chrysocolla is also used by public speakers to calm nerves, improve immune system and enhance intuition. Ladies, let's go green.

BRACELET - 7 Inches in length - Only one piece left
Hand assembled Chrysocolla stones with green Aventurine stones, glass pearls, silver fillings on a copper metal chain with toggle clasp. 

Name: Colla Beadz Bracelet
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One piece left

Chili Padi Trinxx Designer Necklace


A one only piece of fiery beauty. Inspired by a lot of passion, a dose of lust and a dash of hot wit. 

NECKLACE- Perfectly fitting around the neck

Trinxx handmade clay, shattered glass, bronze filigree, ceramic beads, Korean Crystal

Name: Chili Padi Trinxx Designer Necklace

Only one piece made

Entwinement Beadz Pendant

Inspired by the upcoming Valentines Day. A simple pendant for Him & Her - a metaphor of entwinement. 
Dimension - 2cm width

Name: Entwinement Beadz Pendant
Price: USD8 / RM24
A limited extension of Trinxx 

Impressions Trinxx Designer Earrings

Hand-molded unique clay beads capped with pure silver wire and dusted with gold. 
EARRINGS - One of a kind piece of craft

Name: Impressions Trinxx Designer Earrings
Price: USD10 / RM30

Cinderella Beadz Bracelet

This hand-assembled, custom designed bracelet is charming like the fairy tale. Sparkles of crystals twinkle with glass and acrylic beads, sprinkled with silver glitters and a gorgeous starry charm. And to add to the fairy tale, a fluttering butterfly. Sublime. 

BRACELET- 7 inches in width - Limited pieces

Name: Cinderella Beadz Bracelet

Price: USD15 / RM48
A limited extension of Trinxx

It's Not A Pendant, It's A Bottle Opener - Penguin Beadz Collection

Penguin Pendant in Red
Penguin Pendant in Silver

Penguin Pendant in Blue 

Accessories that don't only look good, they come in pretty handy too (especially when your waiter's too busy to pop those bottles) This is one piece of accessory I'm sure your mates will appreciate. 
Colours - Available in Red, Silver, Blue (Only one piece each)

Name: Penguin Beadz Pendant
Price: USD8 / RM24
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A limited extension of Trinxx

Love Knot Earrings

Simplistically pretty. 
Made of cloth.
Dimensions - Think 20 cents
Colours - Available in White, Green

Name: Love Knot Earrings
Price: USD4 / RM12
A limited extension of Trinxx

Alexander Beadz Earrings

A pair of gorgeous earrings. Heavy on the details, featherlight to the ears. 
EARRINGS - Limited pieces

Name: Alexander Beadz Earrings
Price: USD5 / RM14
A limited extension of Trinxx
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