Designer Jewelry Disclaimer

Wouldn't you like to own something no one else can have
no matter how they tried?

There are only two kinds of accessories here.
Trinxx range is handmade, unique and truly
the only one ever made in the world.

Beads range contains very limited pieces,
inspired and designed with utmost care.

Chances of bumping into someone with the exact
same piece is close to zero and we'd like to
keep it that way.

We like to keep things special for you.

About Trinxx

Making Trinxx Designer Jewellery

Each Trinxx designer jewellery is moulded by hand, then baked and varnished. All handmade designer beads are individually crafted to maintain its unique character.

In some fashion jewelry designs, Trinxx is accompanied with other elements such as glass, metal or plastic beads to add texture and variety to the entire look. Semi-precious stones are also used in certain pieces to compliment the idea behind the creation.

But most of the time, I try to minimise the use of other materials. I like to keep Trinxx light, versatile and unique. The less cluttered the design, the more focused the eye will be on it. 



Trinxx is made from polymer clay. Unlike normal ceramic or clay beads, Trinxx designer jewellery is light, almost weightless. This means it does not weigh you down so you can strut your stuff effortlessly.


Caring for Trinxx

Trinxx clay may be flexible to a certain extent but try not to test its limits. While it may not chip like diamonds or shatter like crystals, it does have its pressure points. Just like any other accessory, it is not indestructible.

This designer jewelry has no problem with the sun, sea or sand, do keep it away from intense heat.

So far Trinxx shows no effect to body perfume so it is safe to say you can give yourself a splash of fragrance without taking your fashion jewelry off. 

There is no risk of the colours staining your skin or clothes.

Lastly, keep Trinxx designer jewelry away from other accessories. Others will tend to lose their luster :)

About Beadz

Beadz are limited editions of hand assembled treasures.

All Beadz designs are unique and assembled with great care.

These are made from semi-precious stones and beads collected from all over. Each Beadz design is unique and inspired by life with no more than 15 pieces for sale for each design.

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